2012 - Code Redd Brasil/ Florestas do Rio - Projection at the Arcs of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro 

2013 - Solo Exhibit - Stadler, Berlin

2015 - 'Deconstruction' with Otto Forstreuter, Greenhouse, Berlin

2016 - 'photographic centipede', Povvera, Berlin

2016 - Young Professionals - Horizonte Zingst, Panzerhalle,  Zingst

2016 - Showroom - Studio 4, Berlin

2017 - Galerie Inkubator, Pilzen

2017 - Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin




2014 - Erster Europäischer Mauerfall, BSZ

2016 - Brutal Lokal, Einsichten 16

2016 - annalyse, Ausgabe 23





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